You know, right now I can’t be bothered to go through all the Convoluted Computer Crap to update feeds and links and all that BS, so just go here, OK??? I’ll do all the scut work and update, and explain everything later, when I am not in the middle of a mini-freakout…Or not…


iPod Tuesday!

I was so busy taking Etsy photos this evening that I almost forgot the Tuesday Top Ten…I know both of my readers would have been sooooo disappointed! *snerk*

Fred’s Top Ten

1. Dick Barton–The Hotknives

2. Help Save the Youth of America–Billy Bragg

3. Trans Am–The Teen Idles

4. Heart Attack Man–The Beastie Boys

5. Dance Crasher–Alton Ellis & The Flames

6. Trail of Time–The Knitters

7. Saying Goodbye Again–Rollins Band

8. Cyrano De Berger’s Back–X

9. Pied Piper–Bob & Marcia

10. (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville–REM


I was so excited about my black and white socks…

I did the first one! It was fun! A challenge, but now I am a Real Knitter, because I Knitted A Sock! Woo hoo!!

I started the second one right away…No Second Sock Syndrome for me, no thank you sir! Worked away on my sock…Did the ribbing! Did the ankle, and turned the heel all by myself! Did the gussets and the decreases! So exciting, I was in the home stretch! My first real pair of socks, knitted by Me!!! Decreased along for the toe, did the toe, and put my finished sock on a stitch holder because I am a Noob and I still need some help with the kitchenering…

Then I looked at it, and realized just how much of a Knitting Knoob I really am…

I forgot to knit the foot…

Not Yarn

I went to sleep last night thinking about Dua Khalil, and I woke up this morning thinking about her.

I don’t know what to say.

I read this.

I looked at this.

Finally, I watched this. (At your own risk, OK?)

I don’t pretend to be any sort of expert on the cultures of the Middle East, but I did earn a degree in Cultural History, and I “understand” the anthropological/sociological concepts behind these “honor killings”…But I don’t get it

Right now I feel kind of blank…I can’t get my head around this…I can’t make it make sense…Her family did this to her…Not, “If you ever see this boy again, I’ll beat the living crap out of you”…Not, “You are grounded for eternity”…Not, “You’re going to ‘Other City X‘ to live with Auntie Gertrude until you come to your senses”…But death.

I remember being 17, and I got in big trouble for all kinds of things…Big trouble when you’re 17 is bad grades, or staying out past your curfew, or even dating a boy your parents don’t like…But so many things get you in big trouble when you’re a teenager, how could a girl possibly differentiate between big trouble and Big Trouble??

I can’t even cry for Dua…I hear people say the world is a beautiful, wonderful place, but often I have a really hard time believing it…

I Know I’m Awful Picky Sometimes, But Come On!!

OK, so I’m doing some fiber research online…

Folks, there’s a difference, OK?


And dyeing


Special Post for a Heathen Mama

Teh Wurd Akording to Ceiling Cat

Probverbs 31


10 Teh gud wife iz bettr than cheezburgrz! Srsly!

11 her huzban trus her, an he haz the monies

12 shez gud an dont hert him.

13 gud wifes is stremly busy

14 makin shure’s der’s lotsa chezburgrz.

15 she gose far awai 2 get fud 4 her fambly.

16 her tinks bout field, n sez, I wantz it, and her takz it. Her maekz graepz grow. srsly.

17 her is srsly pwnzer, n herz got lotza strengthz, more then u.

18 Her maekz gud stuffz, and her can stayz up all nites! but her has to workzs.

19 her uzez dis staff, or mebe dat won, n she hodes it n her pawz.

iPod Tuesday!

Fred’s Top Ten

1. Bottle of Smoke–The Pogues

2. Suck My Kiss–Red Hot Chili Peppers

3. Back to Base–Fugazi

4. Cashing In–Minor Threat

5. Round And Round–The Germs

6. Stay Free–The Clash

7. Up Front–The Wailing Souls

8. Disconnect (Live)–Rollins Band

9. Trust–Billy Bragg

10. Supernaut–Black Sabbath